15 / 02 / 2017

Pantone Greenery: the suggestions of Scirocco H for the radiators

Scirocco H presents three of its iconic radiator painted in the new color of the year.

Scirocco H Aria design Lucarelli Rapisarda

Aria design Franca Lucarelli – Bruna Rapisarda
Aria is the designer radiator of Scirocco H that combining industrial aesthetics with a home-loving soul in an original decor item.
Born of the experience of architects Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda, Aria’s design is minimalist, consisting of a painted metal cover whose sloping upper part holds an axial fan enclosed within an attractive case which conceals a high-performance heat exchanger.
The project arises from the idea of utilising the movement of air to increase heat exchange without compromising comfort. For the first time ever, a ‘designer radiator’ is created for both winter and summer use.

00Scirocco H New Dress Still Life

New Dres design Franca Lucarelli – Bruna Rapisarda
Born from the hands of the architects Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda, the New Dress creates a mix of matter between heating structure and covering plates, in a perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, care and attention to detail.
Its slim and defined features make it an element of design to be shown off like a contemporary work of art.
The radiator is available in just one size of 1800x400mm, in three versions: hydraulic, electric and mixed. It comes with a valve, a holder and internal plumbic connections, which are hidden by the covering plate which gives it a clean and minimal aesthetic effect.

Tiffany it’s the Scirocco H’s vintage style radiator. Completely in cast iron and with decorated brass-plated valves, it is a radiator of generous dimensions that, thanks to its native material, creates a pleasant atmosphere of constant warmth and diffused heat. The attention to detail, moreover, is absolute and is reflected in the richness of its decorations and sinuous shape.
The two versions in the catalog, smooth and with decorations, are available, respectively, with height elements of 660-955mm for the first and 750-950mm for the second.
In both variants, you can opt for 2 or 3 columns depending on the space in which the radiator is inserted and the specific needs in terms of heating and thermal performance. The self-supporting structure, moreover, is perfect to support the weight and the volume of the entire heating body.