16 / 12 / 2019

Pantone 2020 Classic Blue. Scirocco H’s proposals for designer radiators

Calm, confidence and connection. These are the three characteristics that distinguish the recently announced Pantone 2020: the Classic Blue 19-4052.
For the occasion, Scirocco H, an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of decorative radiators and one of the first in Italy to produce heated towel rails, presents some of its Design and Style&Soul Collection radiators in the new colour that will influence (also) furnishings-design for the entire upcoming year.

ARIA is the avant-garde designer radiator that combines industrial aesthetics and a domestic soul in a unique heating device. For the first time, a radiator is designed for winter use as well as for the summer season. The fan, until now hidden in all heating bodies, becomes the distinctive aesthetic element, which transforms the classic radiator into a furnishing element.

DONUT is the radiator in which aesthetics and design come together in a unique product with a perfect geometric shape. It has a steel wall heating body, formed by an outer circle with a diameter of 700 mm, made with a rather large circular tube (42 mm) and an inner one of 18 mm.

GRAFFE, an elegant and refined radiator, pure in shape and proportions, with an innovative and unmistakable design made from a circular steel tube that winds sinuously creating a unique and special heated towel rail, which goes beyond functionality to become a furnishing element. With Graffe the theme is expanding on the shape of everyday objects and changing their function with an immediately recognisable effect.

Ultraslim with a minimal design and a collection of highly functional accessories. SUNSHINE is the hydronic radiant plate made of steel sheet which combines high thermal efficiency with a minimum thickness of only 14 mm. Key features that make it a stylish radiator with a refined, elegant appearance and excellent value for money. Its clean, discreet and compact design, alongside the three available accessories mean it can be installed in any space.

An iconic designer radiator with a vintage flavour. Entirely made of cast iron and decorated with brass-plated valves, TIFFANY is the generously-sized radiator that, thanks to its native material, creates a pleasant atmosphere of constant and diffused warmth. It has been created with meticulous attention to detail which is reflected in its lavish decorations and sheer elegance of its shape.