10 / 06 / 2015

Scirocco H wins the 2015 European Consumer Award

The Light radiator was awarded by the European consumers for its innovation excellence.

Scirocco H, company specialized in the creation and production of design radiators and towel warmers, has won, in the house board sector, the European Consumer Award, the European award dedicated to products that stand out for design, innovation and functionality, with its Light radiator.

The Gattico company has been evaluated by European professionals and consumers, selected by the European Consumer Choice, who have tested Light in its various usage conditions to evaluate its everyday functionality, innovative characteristics and design.

Light impressed its testers especially with its beauty, functionality, and its construction and operation quality. Characteristics that allowed it to receive an average overall score of 9.5/10; in particular the Scirocco H radiator has distinguished itself in terms of design and usability, reaching a score of 9.6/10 and 9.5/10 in the respective fields.

Light’s strength lies in the fact that it’s a “multi-usage” heating body, in fact thanks to its added frame, designed by Marco Fumagalli, it can become – when necessary – a towel warmer in the bathroom or a dishcloth warmer in the kitchen, without losing its characteristics of design simplicity and the other thermal performances that make it unique. Moreover, the clean lines combined with over 43 ranges of colors, selectable for both the heating body and for the frames, can give life to infinite chromatic combinations.

The European Consumers Choice, an independent non-profit organization based in Brussels, has been awarding every year since 2009, the European Consumer Awards to honor the companies that create high-quality, innovative and easy-to-use products. The selection of the participants takes place through a committee made up of members of the organization, partners and press specialized in industry, design and tourism sectors.