A world of shapes, colours and sensations

Assembling cast iron elements, attention to detail, unique style:
Tiffany is a radiator that does not accept compromises.
Its exuberant personality adds character to every room.


Symbol and function coincide superbly:
the elegant décor, the sinuous lines,
the soft shapes all stand out in the background
with essential, geometric presence.
Tiffany can warm a room physically and visually.

Prolonged widespread warmth

Cast iron is a natural element that holds the heat for a long length
of time providing constant warmth. The self-supporting structure
perfectly withstands the weight and the volume of the radiator.

Sets brand new standards with its 67 different colours

Thanks to its wide range of colour variations,
Tiffany can match any style: from classic and elegant,
to the most original contemporary look.

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Technical features and models


Tiffany has moved from under the window to become part of the furniture.

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