17 / 10 / 2017

Scirocco H presents the electric version of the radiator Graffe

Graffe, the towel radiator by Scirocco H with the typical shape that winks at the pop years, is enriched with electric operation in the new version.

Born from the intuition of the architects Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda, Graffe plays with the theme of the expansion of objects of common use to create an unusual design radiator, where the 42mm circular steel tube sinuously winds to give birth to a unique never-before-seen towel warmer.

In this new version the aesthetic variations are minimal: the valves, unnecessary on the electric model, are replaced by a circular tube section that keeps the original design of Graffe unaltered. The technical and fixing elements are then designed to integrate perfectly into the design of the product, with the usual attention to detail that is an inevitable feature of Scirocco H.

The new electric variant allows, for both the vertical model and the horizontal one, to install it easily in any environment where it is not possible to have a hydraulic system or in all those places that would require a too onerous work or where it would be even structurally impossible to place.

The important advantages of this new model reside especially in the practicality of installation that minimizes the masonry work, all without compromising the thermal output of the radiator (450 W and 640 W depending on the model) and thanks to the presence of the dry electrical resistance (internal heating cable) it allows to limit the electrical consumption (maximum installed power of 162 W for model 125 and 238 W for model 170).

Equipped with a connecting cable (gray or white) with Schuko plug, Electric Graffe is available with horizontal or vertical installation, in two different dimensions, 383mm x 1250mm and 383mm x 1700mm respectively, in chrome finish or varnished in the entire Scirocco H color range consisting of 65 shades.