Since 1989 designs and manufactures bathroom towel heaters and radiators for the home


Scirocco H designs and manufactures design radiators and towel warmers, interpreting a highly technical and rigorous sector with a new artisanal sensitivity, which allows it to respond more effectively to the new culture of living. It all starts in 1989 in the province of Modena, when the founder Maria Pia Bertona decided to venture into the unknown world of heated towel warmers. Thus Scirocco was born, one of the first companies to produce the towel warmer, to merge, over the years, technique and aesthetics, engineering and design. In 1999 the company moves to the province of Novara, more precisely in the most important Italian area for the production of taps and valves, related sectors and the center of interesting industrialization. But 2013 is the real turning point, when Engineer Filippo Arbellia, son of the founder, along with his new partner Sabrina Mora by his side, take over the management of the company, giving life to the new stylistic and design course of Scirocco H.

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Enterprising and dynamic, Scirocco H recognizes, immediately, the need for aesthetic/functional innovation of the domestic heating market with particular attention to bathroom furniture. Scirocco H’s products reflect the style and the passion with which they are designed, clear sign of character in the environments in which they are integrated, real works of design, becoming much more than simple radiators.


Research and development are essential to create products that are always at the highest quality levels. The stylistic and engineering department of the company devotes itself with dedication and resolution to the search of new designs, materials and technologies, in the name of constructive, expressive and functional excellence, essential factors for Scirocco H, since always. Raw materials and colour combinations allow each radiator to be unique. Steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum and glass enhance the concept of warmth and well-being through emotional forms, with a unique design and a strong technological value. The close and constant collaboration with the most important Italian designers, is reflected in the research of the product, developing no longer simple heating bodies, but real furnishing elements, with differentiated functionalities and original technical and aesthetic features, created with artisanal care and studied to perfectly integrated in every environment.


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