16 / 11 / 2015

Scirocco H in prime time with the TV series “E’ arrivata la felicità”

Scirocco H debuts on television with the TV drama series “E’ arrivata la felicita” by Publispei which has been airing every Thursday on Rai1 since October 8th 2015.

A new brilliant twelve-episode romantic comedy about the encounter and conflicts between the architect Orlando (Claudio Santamaria), father of two kids, left by his wife, and Angelica (Claudia Pandolfi), a widow who is about to get married again, with two twin daughters.

Aside from the actors, the protagonists of the scene are Snake, Winter, Tiffany and Mistral who perfectly integrate with the environment thanks to their design, that balances constructive quality, refined materials and attention to detail, which transform Scirocco H’s radiators from simple heaters into real pieces of home furniture.

Enjoy the show!