12 / 06 / 2019


Created by the industrial designer Libero Rutilo and by the students of the Politecnico di Milano Mattia Dellepiane and Matteo Tagliabue, they were awarded the prizes of 10,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively, in the competition organised by Scirocco H

The winners of the second edition of the Design Warm Contest were revealed in Milan at the Bou-Tek exhibition area, the competition organised by Scirocco H for the search for new talented designers for the design of innovative radiators and heated towel rails.

Open to students and professionals (this year without any age limit) the initiative, with the sponsorship of ADI Association for Industrial Design, saw the participation of 395 projects, 281 for the category dedicated to professionals and 114 for that of students. Participants from all Italian regions, with great international infiltration from Argentina, China, Germany, South Korea, Turkey, USA and Uzbekistan just to name a few.

The winners of the second edition saw the Offset project for the category reserved for professionals and the Blow project for that of the students, who were thus awarded the prizes of 10,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively.

Offset created by the industrial designer Libero Rutilo, Canadian by birth but Milanese by adoption since 2005, stood out for the original idea of creating a heated towel rail that was elegant, intelligent and transformable. Offset, in fact, is a steel heating element conceived with a system composed of two modules, a horizontal one that is transformed, once opened, into a towel rail and a vertical one that has three hidden hooks inside, two at the side for towels and one in the centre which can be used both for the bathrobe and for storing rolled up towels.

Blow, created by the students of the Politecnico di Milano Mattia Dellepiane and Matteo Tagliabue, struck the jury not only for the innovative concept of the radiator but also for the detailed and exhaustive technical report provided, as well as for the accurate and extremely detailed graphic tables. Blow, electric and free-standing, was designed not to be “only” a radiator but a real furnishing heating element, which is not limited to heating but helps to create a general atmosphere of wellbeing in the environment. The utmost attention went into the materials, from aluminium to nylon to polycarbonate, as well as to the heating efficiency, without forgetting the technological part (connectivity, LED lights, LCD display).

Finally, the jury wanted to reserve a special mention at the Politecnico di Milano for having actively involved its students with 24 contenders, but above all for the high and constant quality of the projects presented in both editions of the competition.

“Such a large number of participants really impressed us – commented Sabrina Mora and Filippo Arbellia, directors and partners of Scirocco H – the design schools were particularly active, more than 30 universities and institutes participated, without forgetting the professionals, the majority from abroad, who gave an international flavour to the competition. All the finalists stood out for their excellent construction quality, characterised by a very high level both from the technical point of view and for the research of materials and engineering “.