Custom Collection
Design: Franca Lucarelli - Bruna Rapisarda

Tailored like a haute couture dress stitch by stitch and inspired by solar-shading devices used to protect windows. Shadow is a fully customisable designer radiator and towel warmer made of steel with horizontal 14 mm diameter round tubular section elements set in a 30×30 mm square section frame. Depending on the required heat output and the space available, Shadow can be created with the ideal dimensions. Available with hydronic, electric and mixed functioning, it can be enhanced with the towel bars belonging to the new ROD accessory series. In particular, the ROD L version extends beyond Shadow so as to allow better arrangement of the towels preserving its clean and minimalist design.

Material: Acciaio
Colour range:
  • Matt Finishings

    RAL 9005 OP

    RAL 9010 OP

    RAL 9003 OP

    RAL 7035 OP

    RAL 5003 OP

    RAL 5024 OP

    RAL 6018 OP

    RAL 8017 OP

    RAL 3012 OP

  • Polished finishings

    RAL 9005

    RAL 9010

    RAL 9003

    RAL 9001

    RAL 9002

    RAL 7035

    RAL 7005

    RAL 7006

    RAL 1019

    RAL 5003

    RAL 5010

    RAL 5014

    RAL 5015

    RAL 5021

    RAL 5024

    RAL 6033

    RAL 6034

    RAL 6018

    RAL 1027

    RAL 8017

    RAL 1000

    RAL 1003

    RAL 1011

    RAL 1012

    RAL 1015

    RAL 1034

    RAL 2001

    RAL 2004

    RAL 3000

    RAL 3003

    RAL 3012

    RAL 4001

    RAL 4003

  • Special finishings

    BRO - Metallised bronze

    C.D.F. - Embossed anthracite grey

    GRAF - Graphite

    ORO - Metallised gold

    RAL 9006 - Matt silver

    ARG - Metallised Silver

  • Lab paint With surcharge

    YW266F - Smooth Opal White

    YW353F - Sablé Titanium Blue

    YW358F - Sablé Golden Grey

    OPAV - Matt Havana

    OPBA - Matt Ivory Beige

    OPCA - Matt Capuccino

    OPCI - Matt Chocolate

    OPCN - Matt Cane

    OPGO- Gobi Opaco

    OPGP - Matt Stone Grey

    OPLO - Matt Lotus

    OPMO - Matt Mud

    OPPE - Matt Pearl

    OPPI - Matt Pine

    OPRS - Matt Dark Red

    OPSA - Matt Sage

    OPTV - Matt Travertine

    OPVU - Matt Volcano

    YW368F - Sablé Leaf Green

    OPCO - Matt Candy

    OPNM - Matt Nutmeg

    OPME - Matt Middle Age

    MERA - Metallised Copper

    METI - Metallised Titanium

  • The finishings reproduced in the colour range and in the images on the site are for illustrative purposes and may differ from those of the final painted product.

Download resources:
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