4 / 10 / 2023

Scirocco H celebrates 20 years fo Winter

Twenty candles blown out for the brass radiator created by Scirocco H LAB research and development department. More than 12,000 pieces sold worldwide.

Winter the radiator created by Scirocco H’s in-house research and development department celebrates its 20th year of production and surpasses 12,000 units sold since it was put on the market.

Scirocco   Winter   1

Made entirely of brass, a noble material of high quality and strength, Winter is a radiator with a clean and essential design. A towel warmer radiator that is innovative thanks to the sophisticated connection technique between uprights and the square-section horizontal pipes. A technology developed by the Scirocco H LAB research and development department that makes Winter a unique product with impeccable aesthetics, since by keeping the structural strength of the heating body unchanged, aesthetic imperfections are eliminated.

“Winter is the flagship product of our entire production – comment Sabrina Mora and Eng. Filippo Arbellia, partners and directors of Scirocco H – A product we have always been very fond of and that was born internally within the company to embody all our values of innovation, functionality and craftsmanship. The quality of its construction and the particularity of the assembly technique of the elements, in which the classic imperfections of welding are not present, make it one of our absolute best sellers, especially in demand for the bathrooms of the most prestigious realities of the hotellerie sector.”