9 / 04 / 2014

Scirocco H enters the russian market with the new collection “Living the Gold”

Scirocco H, due to increasing exports on the European market, has decided to be optimistic while considering the Eastern markets, increasingly strategic for Italian companies that export excellent products.

These are the grounds on which the company arrives in Russia with a line of products specifically designed to meet the Soviets needs and aesthetic tastes, always looking for sumptuous and luxury products in a perfect imperial style, but at the same time made in Italy. The finishes available for all the towel warmers will range from chrome, silver, bronze and ending with the inevitable gold, of course with the ability of adding Swarovski crystal accessories.

The distribution shall be handled by strategic and trusting partners, which have already been selected by Scirocco H. They will be present in the most important showrooms, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and in the Eastern countries like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Turkmenistan.

All this will be accompanied by a communication strategy designed ad hoc and the creation of sales support materials that will tell more about the wide range of towel warmers proposed by Scirocco H.

The protagonists of the entire collection will be Anastasija, Irina and Sofia, without forgetting Snake, the crown jewel of Scirocco, offered on the Russian market in the Gold version.

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