23 / 04 / 2018

Scirocco H presents the new design radiator Donut

Scirocco H, a company specialized in the design and production of heated radiators and one of the first companies to produce towel warmers in Italy, presents Donut, the new essential style heated radiator, designed by the architects Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda.

A radiator in which aesthetics, design and ideas come together in a unique product with a perfect geometric shape, Donut’s main “ingredients” are simplicity and clean lines , fundamental elements for every design “recipe” by Scirocco H.

Donut is a wall-mounted heating element made of steel, formed by an outer circle with a diameter of 700 mm, made with a circular tube of significant size (42 mm) and an inner one of 18 mm. In the hydraulic version features also the two round hydraulic valves, while the electric model has a special cable winding system called Hoop.

The name could not be more fitting: not only for its appearance but also, and above all, for its high degree of personalization. With Donut, in fact, not only can you choose the color of the two steel circles (electric version only) that make up the radiator, combining the 67 shades of the Scirocco H’s colour range, but also the hydraulic valves and the Hoop system, in which it is also possible to combine the finish of the fabric covering up the electric cables, which can be ordered in seven variations, choosing between smooth, linen and braided.

Finally, you have the option of installing the valves, for the hydraulic version, in the four cardinal points of the circle, while for the electric one you can place them anywhere, leaving free interpretation to the aesthetics of the on/off system.