3rd Edition - 2022

Regulation for the second edition of the contest reserved for architects, designer, engineers, and students of universities, academies and design schools, called: Design Warm Contest

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The Design Warm Contest competition is organized and promoted by Scirocco H srl, based in Gattico-Veruno, via Geola 6. Scirocco H srl was the first company in Italy to produce towel warmers, recognizing the need for aesthetic / functional innovation in the home heating market. Over the years, the constant collaboration with the most important Italian designers has allowed the company to not only create simple heating bodies, but genuine furniture elements with distinctive and original functionalities and technical features and aesthetics, crafted with artisan care and designed to fit perfectly into any environment.
Hence the challenge that Scirocco H launches to professionals and students to find the designer of the future.


The theme of the contest is the design of a new radiator / towel warmer that combines innovative aspects, both technical and aesthetic ones, that can be suitable for installation on different types of boats (motor yacht, sail and motor sailer).


The competition is aimed at two categories:
PROFESSIONALS (ARCHITECTS / DESIGNERS, ENGINEERS, ETC.): individuals or groups, in possession of VAT;
STUDENTS (full age): individuals or groups, regularly enrolled in high school studying graphics and / or design or enrolled in an architecture and / or design course.
The jury will examine the works separately for each category, create two distinct classifications.


The radiator / towel warmer to be designed must be intended primarily for installation on boats and must comply with the following guidelines:
MATERIAL: Maximum freedom of choice, with the possibility of combining multiple materials, metallic and not;
FUNCTIONING: The radiator / towel warmer must be designed for operation in the electric version;
THERMAL EFFICIENCY: No particular theoretical thermal yield values are required; The higher the yield will be the greater the ability to employ it and, consequently, to produce it;
AESTHETICS: the radiator / towel design must be innovative and must not be related to products currently available on the Italian or international market;
PRODUCTIVITY: The radiator / towel warmer must be designed in such a way as to enable it to be manufactured and marketed;
The evaluation criteria will take into account any technological innovations, including the productive cycle of the object.
Along with the drawings, it is necessary to attach a technical report of the project / description (in pdf format, maximum 500 words) in which are specified the technical functional characteristics of the radiator / towel warmer.


The project must be sent only via e-mail at the following e-mail address:
Important: the sending of the project by certified e-mail or any other method of sending other than that indicated above will not be considered valid.
Scirocco H will confirm the receipt of the material via e-mail to the participant within 24/48 hours.
Projects submitted must have the following characteristics:

TABLES OR PICTURES: In JPEG/PNG format (high resolution, 300 dpi, minimum size 21×29.7 cm) as long as they are readable by the most common softwares in Windows® and Mac®;

TECHNICAL REPORT: In PDF format, up to 500 words;

THE PROJECT (tables, pictures or render images and related technical report) must be uniquely marked with a made-up name. It is forbidden to enter the names of the authors of the project.

It is not possible to participate nominally with more than one project.
Each submission must contain only one project. The submitted material will not be returned.

A copy of this notice can be downloaded from our website.
In case of non-compliance with the requirements for material submission, the project will not be admitted to the competition.

You can also submit projects in the engineering phase but not yet put on the market as of December 15, 2022.


Entries must be submitted no later than December 15, 2022 (postmark date of the email sent to the address indicated in the “participation” mode).


The intellectual property and copyright of the submitted projects remain the sole property of the individual participants. By participating in the competition, participants grant, free of charge, to Scirocco H srl all rights related to the use of the projects, images and productions related to them for purposes of this competition, by any means or format, with the only obligation to name the author.
The participant-creator of the project that will be winner agrees, by signing this Regulation, to transfer free of charge all rights to the publication and dissemination, in any medium or format, projects, images, and for purposes of productions related to this competition and other purposes of non-commercial promotional items.
The works / projects must be fully available to the participants. Participants must ensure that third-party rights are not severely affected by the works / projects. Participants Participants must ensure that third-party rights are not severely affected by the works / projects. Participants assume all responsibility with respect to the projects and undertake to indemnify Scirocco H srl from any loss arising from possible violations of patents and copyrights owned by others. Participants also assume all responsibility for the originality of their projects.
By participating in this competition, the participants provide Scirocco H srl with the right of pre-emption for the exclusive use of the project for commercial purposes. This option is valid for six months after the end of the contest. In case Scirocco H srl exercises the option for commercial use of the project, a specific agreement will be stipulated that will regulate the economic relationship between Scirocco H srl and the participant.
The future production of the radiator / towel warmer, of the winning design, will be the subject of an unquestionable assessment by Scirocco H srl, which will decide in full autonomy. If Scirocco H srl decides to produce the radiator / towel warmer subject of the winning design project, a specific contract will be stipulated that will regulate the economic relationship between Scirocco H srl and the winner of the contest.


All participants (including all members of any groups) must enclose the following documents: Duly signed enrollment form – Annex 1; Valid ID; Authorization to process personal data signed for consent – Annex 2;
In addition to the foregoing, each student must include a certificate attesting his/her actual enrollment in the course of study, issued by his/her school.


The qualified jury composed of professionals in the field of architecture and design will select n. 5 projects in the Architects category and no. 5 projects in the Students category rated as the best among the submitted projects and among them will award the winner. The jury will meet by 31 January 2022, at the headquarters of Scirocco H (or other location defined below) and the decision will be final and unappealable.
Projects will be examined in an anonymous form and only after the evaluation has been made, the project will be associated with the name of the participant.

In order to ensure the proper conduct of the competition and the anonymity between project and participant, Scirocco H will create a secretariat, which will be represented by Mr. Alessandro Bono
The score to be expressed in 100/100 will be broken down as follows:
Materials: 0 to 15 points
Producibility: 0 to 20 points
Energy saving: 0 to 15 points
Aesthetics/design: 0 to 50 points

After the evaluation, the winners will be informed via e-mail. If the participant’s email address communicated is incorrect, Scirocco H srl assumes no responsibility.
Scirocco H is not required to communicate the reasons for any project exclusion decided by the Jury.

Members of the jury:
Filippo Arbellia – CEO of Scirocco H
Sabrina Mora – COO of Scirocco H

Fiorella Baserga – SUITE
Davide Cattaneo – AREA
Cristina Mandrini – IL BAGNO OGGI E DOMANI
Claudio Moltani – AROUND WATER
Fabio Petrone – PRESSMARE.IT
Massimo Rosati – DESIGN STREET.IT
Arianna Sorbara – ABITARE IL BAGNO
Giovanna Strino – COSE DI CASA
Matteo Zaccagnino – TOP YACHT DESIGN

Alessandro Marchelli – Interior Architect & Designer \ Delegate ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale


The competition involves the identification of only one winner for each category to whom a prize will be awarded for recognition of personal or group merit. The following prizes will be awarded:
prize of € 5,000
STUDENT CATEGORY Award of € 2,000
The Jury may, at its sole discretion, award ex-aequo prizes and special remarks in addition to the above prizes.
The winning of the competition does not automatically result in the production of the radiator / towel warmer conceived in the project that was deemed deserving of the prize.
The prizes will be paid all at once after the formalization of the victory to a specific bank account indicated by the winner. The amount of the price is gross of any withholding tax and statutory tax.


The ceremony will take place in February 2023 on the date and place that will be defined and communicated via e-mail to the winners of the contest.


Participation in the competition constitutes total acceptance of this regulation.

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