Design Warm Contest
Past editions winners


Revealed in Milan were the winners of the third edition of the Design Warm Contest, launched by Scirocco H. The 2022/2023 edition focused on the creation of a towel warmer combining several innovative aspects, both technical and aesthetic, and suitable for installation on different types of boats, such as yachts, sail and motor boats, and so on.

The winners of the third edition of the contest were the ROPE project, for the professional category, and the SESTANTE project, for the student category, winning prizes worth 5,000 and 2,000 Euros respectively.

ROPE, conceived by architect Elisa Ciucciovè and designer Giorgio Di Cesare, is an electric towel warmer that takes inspiration from the nautical world and two items present on all boats, ropes and cleats, and transforms them into a heating element and a wall mounting system, respectively.

SESTANTE, conceived by Diego Spartà, a student of the Polytechnic University of Milan, is a free-standing electric towel warmer, inspired precisely by the shape of the sextant, the precious measuring instrument for navigation, and made from tubular aluminium elements that combine good thermal efficiency with lightness, all features that allow for reduced consumption and easy portability.

Finally, the jury wanted to reserve a special mention for the students of the Machina Lonati Technical Institute, who, led by teacher Giovanni Tomasini, participated in the contest and presented numerous interesting projects, created with both extreme passion and attention to detail.


The winners of the second edition of the Design Warm Contest were revealed in Milan (3 June) at the Bou-Tek exhibition area.

Open to students and professionals (this year without any age limit) the initiative, with the sponsorship of ADI Association for Industrial Design, saw the participation of 395 projects.

The winners of the second edition saw the Offset project for the category reserved for professionals and the Blow project for that of the students, who were thus awarded the prizes of 10,000 and 4,000 euros, respectively.

Offset created by the industrial designer Libero Rutilo stood out for the original idea of creating a heated towel rail that was elegant, intelligent and transformable.

Blow, created by the students of the Politecnico di Milano Mattia Dellepiane and Matteo Tagliabue, electric and free-standing, was designed not to be “only” a radiator but a real furnishing heating element, which is not limited to heating but helps to create a general atmosphere of wellbeing in the environment.

Finally, the jury wanted to reserve a special mention at the Politecnico di Milano for having actively involved its students with 24 contenders and the high and constant quality of the projects presented.


The Bou-Tek space in Milan has hosted today 24th January the award ceremony for the first edition of the Design Warm Contest, the competition organized by Scirocco H to find new talented designers for the design of innovative design radiators and towel warmers.

The first initiative of its kind in Italy, conceived by the Gattico company, under the patronage of ADI Industrial Design Association, open to students and professionals “under 40”, saw the participation of 137 projects.

The winners of the first edition of the Design Warm Contest according to the jury, were Ellipse for the students category and Dangle for the architects/designers.

Ellipse, a free-standing electric radiator designed by the students of the Milano Politecnico, Paola Zani and Filippo Tomasi, was able to stand out for the originality of the idea, which combined different materials, technologies and functionality winning the prize of €2.000.

The prize of €5.000 euro for the architects/designers category was instead assigned to Dangle, a tubular suspension radiator made of aluminium, designed by the Livornese interior designer Simone Rosi.


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